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Our gut is a world of its own, with 300-500 different

kinds of bacteria living in it! The gut microbiome is the collective name for the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other tiny organisms in the gut. Your gut bacteria are unique to you, everyone has a different mix. This mix is determined party from your mother’s microbiota and partly from your diet and lifestyle.

These bacteria have a huge impact on your health as they affect your metabolism, your immune system, even your mood and how you feel. They are a living entity which line the whole digestive system and they have their own survival needs.

Your gut bacteria determine the nutrients you get from food and also the number of calories you get from food. If you have too many gut bacteria, it can turn fibre into fatty acids and can cause fat deposits in the liver. This can lead to metabolic syndrome, which may lead to Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

To keep a healthy gut microbiome, it is essential to eat high fibre foods and whole foods, such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains. Keep away from sugar and “bad” fats as these kill some of the gut bacteria.

Another good thing to do to help keep your gut bacteria healthy is exercise, as this helps to encourage growth of a variety of gut bacteria.

So the fact is, if you look after your gut bacteria, you are looking after yourself. You will be more healthy and will reduce the risk of disease.

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