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Sharpen your Balance!

The idea of using stability balls as chairs has been around for some time, but I’ve never looked into it seriously enough until recently. My experience with teaching yoga is that balance can be a bit of a struggle at times and finding a way of helping it improve is more than appreciated by many!

The MayoClinic* suggest that we use a firm stability ball as a chair at work or home, as it will help you to improve your balance (the reactions of your muscles) and tone your core. It can also be used to do wall squats for added thigh and glute strengthening!


I have heard it said that sitting on a stability ball can burn up to 4 times more calories per hour than sitting in a normal chair. This adds up to more than 160 additional calories burned per week - 640 calories burned a month!

As stability balls come in different sizes, its important to get one that fits your particular body. Recommendations are for people under 65 inches tall, use a 45cm ball. People 66 to 72 inches tall, use a 55cm ball. If you’re over 72 inches tall, use a 65cm ball.

As using a stability ball too much too soon can lead to injury, so it is recommended that in order for your muscles to adjust, build up your time on it gradually.

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