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Raspberries Rock!

These luscious little red berries are packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre. Besides tasting delicious, raspberries offer many health benefits.

- Nutrition: Raspberries are a fantastic source of the antioxidants #antioxidants vitamin C and manganese which protect the body from oxygen-related damage, reinforcing your immune system. In fact, they have the highest concentration of antioxidants amongst all fruits! They are also the fruit with the highest source of dietary fibre, and are a rich source of Vitamin K. They also contain folic acid, copper, and iron. They are a great choice of fruit to eat - especially for low carb hi fat diets and for diabetics - as they have a negligible effect on blood sugar levels.

- Weight loss: As raspberries are high in fibre #fibre, they will help you to feel full for longer. They are very low in calories and are full of water and potassium, so they are great to help you to not dehydrate.

- Healthy eyes: As raspberries contain the antioxidants Vitamins C, A & phenols, they protect the membranes of the eye that produce the watery liquid. This means that they help these membranes to clean and protect the eyes from drying out #eyehealth. In fact, 3 servings of raspberries a day may help macular degeneration - an age-related medical condition in which you have a loss of vision in the middle of the eye. This is due to damage to the retina.

- Cancer fighting properties: Raspberries contain a high concentration of ellagic acid - a naturally occurring substance that recent studies suggest has cancer shielding properties. Research with animals concluded that raspberries can potentially deter tumour development.

- Cardiovascular health: As raspberries are rich in the minerals that produce red blood cells (potassium, manganese, copper & iron), they help to regulate the heartbeat and blood pressure.

- Feminine health: Raspberry tea has been known to help regulate menstrual cycles #menstrualcycle and menstrual flow. It can also help relieve nausea in pregnant women.

Besides being delicious, the health benefits of raspberries are vast. They provide a great boost to your health, as well as a colourful and tasty boost to your meals!