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HIIT! Don't burn yourself out - even robots burn out if pushed too hard... (see video)

If you remember sprinting with fondness, then you may be tempted to try Tabata. It's one of my favourites. For me, my body type loses fat quickly using this sprinting and rest method founded back in Japan. Original it was performed on a bike but with the right training can be adjusted to most cardio settings.

However a word of caution. As we age we are more susceptible to small sprains and muscle damage and sadly even heart problems... so before you jump on the treadmill and perform High Intensity workouts, ask yourself if you know what your recovery time is?

If you don't know what recovery time is then you are probably not trained and Tabata most likely isn't for you, yet.

You see, despite all the razzmatazz HIIT based exercises (no matter your age) should only be preformed by a trained person..... A person that has been doing a form of aerobic exercise for a wee while.... but do not be put off as all you need to do is build yourself up a bit.

Please don't just do 20 second sprints with a 10 second rest or, as most trainers teach, 30 seconds on followed by 30 seconds of rest. For HIIT (Tabata) to work effectively, it's timing has to be much more precise. It's unique to you.... and the first thing we need to know is how well do you recover. Once we know this you can start benefiting from the amazing Metabolic afterburn you get doing Tabata.

So how to know if you're ready....let's do a simple sprint test lasting a maximum of 1 minute.... If you cannot reach a minute, then you are not ready. If you did, you'll now need a heart monitor and/or a stopwatch............ for further details on how to complete this recovery test, contact us and speak to one of our coaches.