If you're a qualified health or fitness professional in your locatlity and you want to learn how you can get even more clients then contact us to start the process of becoming one of our certified health mentors in your local area. 

We hold a free webinar which explains what we look for in a health / fitness professional who wants to become one of our Health Mentors. This webinar will explain the rewards you get from being a Health Mentor. Reserve a spot on one of these webinars by registering your details here.

Registration does not mean you have been accepted nor does it mean you are committed to attend. What it does mean is that one of our faculty members will contact you within 72 hours to discuss in detail your questions and your suitability to mentor our program.

(PS. If you are not a qualified fitness or health professional but are passionate about learning and helping people, don't worry as we are working on routes for how you to can join us. Click here.)

All information provide on the website or via our online tutorials is given purely for information purposes only.

You agree that you must always consult a medical doctor before using any information or programs shared.

You also agree to our website terms and to our privacy policy which can be found here

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