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Q: What are some outcomes from being on the program?

​A: Examples include me a Male in 40's, lost 14kg in first 3 months, My ex-wife a Female in 50's, lost 8kg in first 3 months. 

Most importantly. loss was mainly body fat. Water, muscle & bone mass increased in total. (see before & after pictures)


​Q Who are the programs recommended for?

A: Any age but we find people aged 35-65 tend to gravitate towards them. Do you also ensure you read and understand our Par Q form and privacy policy.

Q The effect of hormones?

A:  Humans bodies are influx. You're brain maintains balance and does this in various ways including your endocrine systems. The endocrine system will sends and receive signals and releases certain hormones into your system as needed, like testosterone. Unfortunately we start to decline from around  middle age, sadly sometimes sooner. 

Q How does it work?

The program has been optimised around improving your Metabolism, Enzyme & Hormones by monitoring you.  We know however environment, genetics, stress, bio availability of food, movement are all essential in maintaining health. Our programs ensure you hit a specific set of macro and micro nutrients from eating. When exercising we maximise what is know as time under tension when moving weights to build and maintain muscle and bone strength with minimal impact and time.

If you come on a bootcamp then you will benefit from various expert knowledge in respective fields... apart from nutrition and exercise there are things such as meditation, art and massage that may help you control and element stress... Plus as you're in The Vosges region of France (one of the best environmental places in Europe with its rolling hills and rural nature...) you'll breath in t fresh air and swim in woodland fishing lakes. 

Q Why whole foods?

​The program is NOT suitable for people who want to eat out every day, cut corners or who don't have access to a kitchen.​ We understand life is for living and sometimes it's not possible to be 100% but you must be consuming predominately whole food otherwise your body will suffer.

Q: Is the program okay for me if I have injuries?

​A: Yes we ensure we check your joint stability before you start and program is tailored to you.. We would always recommend getting approval from your doctor before beginning any exercise routine if you are at all unsure.. 

​Q: What if I've never worked out before? 

​A: Not a problem. We encourage beginners. The programs are perfect for any level because as fitness levels improve so will the intensity. Program material is simple, short and easy to follow because of the clear communication and simple design.

Q: I don't like to cook? Can I still use the nutrition plans?

​A: Only if you have a chef do it for you... if you're really not prepared to cook and eat healthy then don't join the program.

​​Q: Why your program?

​A: Attention to detail coupled with clear instructions help you on track. Plus you'll also have access to your coach offline and online - it short we're there for you.


Q: Can I still do the program if I don't go to a gym or don't have access to equipment?

​A: You could adapt the program with our health mentors to do exercises without equipment. However, a few pieces of equipment like a Swiss ball and a set of dumbbells would be needed. That said, we do recommend training at a fully equipped gym with one of our certified experts.

Q: What if I can't find the ingredients for the recipes?

​A: We focus on simple recipes using common ingredients that most people all around the world will have access to. If we use something that you cannot find, simply substitute and use the excel calculators we will give you to maintain macro and micro targets.


Q: I'm very busy I don't have time to commit to working out?

​A: Honestly, it's not right for you. You have to put in the time.


Q: I'm not very self-motivated so will there be anybody telling me what to do?

​A: Motivation gets stronger with practice. The good news is we offer support and encouragement if you choose to train with one of our Health Mentors who will contact you often via Whats App and personalised visits keep motivation high. Plus as we require you commit to a full year on this program you will find yourself motivate for results


Q: What if I am very over-weight, will these program and retreats still work for me?

​A: If you are very over-weight you'll want to start slowly but yes the program will help you greatly as we target macro and micro nutrients that will help control body fat and also appetite. 

Q: Can I cancel 

A: Yes but why would you... If in the first 14 days you find the program is not for you we will refund you your monies pro rata based on the services or programs you have used to that point. After 14 days you are locked in for the length of your program.. . just like a mobile/cellphone contract...

Health Mentors - The Story​

A few years back I decided I needed to take control of my weight, strength and health, well at least to as best as I could.


I started attending the local gym....sadly it's clear most gym staff don't fully appreciate age, hormones and the fitness ability of their clients... Not everyone some are amazingly... however blood pressure, vo2 Max, hormones are often over looked.. Clients put on the same old routines, a one size fits all mentality... squats, dead-lifts, 10 reps etc...  This is madness,,,, Plus if you're after weight loss this is mainly done by controlling your food consumption..

So Jason (and his ex wife) started studying Fitness and Nutrition. We qualified as fitness professionals in Personal Training and Yoga and continue today studying nutrition and exercise. 


Our passion became clear, we both really enjoyed learning and teaching nutrition and exercise. The Health Mentors idea was born and we wrote our own weight loss program as we now understood the mechanics so much better. We then started looking for and finding ways we could teach people in Sussex and France. And now via the Internet and working alongside fellow colleagues I (my ex wife is no longer part of HM) hope worldwide to share our programs to help people lose weight and become more lean and strong in their midlife.


So I continue adapting the programs offered and now work alongside other industry experts to make the programs more scientific and to move away from just the aesthetics of weight. Any program should be about changing habits and ensuring your body is at optima to keep you healthy based around your genetics. I call it Functional Clinical Wellbeing. 


Whether you train with me or one of the experts I work alongside in HM or not, the fact is your training needs to become a habit and your form correct. You need to be committed as realistically for most people that will be around 1-5 years not for a few weeks to be lean, healthy and strong... it does take time. Plus your training needs to shift and change as your circumstances change.

So that's me.  Now your turn get in touch love as I would love to hear about you...


Insulin the fat hormone!

When food is eaten (sometimes just drinks) your body will  produce insulin. If you consume to often then you’re practically in fat storing mode all day. You're not giving your body a chance to reach its natural fat burning state. Eating a maximum of two good meals is the better way. 

Gandhi said it all "Fasting is a fiery weapon it has its own science"

"huge fan of fasting been doing it for a couple of months, I chose to do the intermittent fasting and have already seen incredible results in the way I look and feel"

" intermittent fasting perspective - I am more motivated than ever!"

*Testimonials are unverified. Results from various intermittent fasting programs may not reflect the typical experience on our programs and may not apply to the average person. Results are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results / feelings by using our programs.

All information provide on the website or via our online tutorials is given purely for information purposes only.

You agree that you must always consult a medical doctor before using any information or programs shared.

You also agree to our website terms and to our privacy policy which can be found here

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