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Health Mentors - FAQs



Hello, I'm Jason the co creator of The Health Mentors Program. A few years back, like most people entering their 40s & 50s, myself and my ex wife realised we had been a bit neglectful and were now (me specifically) a wee bit overweight. We needed to address our day - day lifestyle to ensure we had the best chance of being healthy in later life.  So we decided to join the local gym. It became obvious we would get no where doing that.... So instead we created our own daily program and we personally lost 14kg and 8kg. (See before and after pics here)

We found we enjoyed training and we really enjoy cooking so much so that we decided to study and qualify as fitness professionals (me in Personal Training and her in Yoga). We also at the same time studied and I (Jason) continues studying nutrition and how it effects various body types.


After a while a few people suggested we should write down the program and share what we did on our journey. It did take us a while to complete (back story sadly our relationship was ending but still are the best of friends after 28 years of marriage).  The good news is that our program was born and I have now decided to share it with you all.

The Programs:

First and foremost most clients must address their eating habits. Then they must be trained correctly to avoid injury. After the 1 month online program we'll together evaluate progress. If you chose to go on more intensive program this will be a tailor made program. Normally in this initial 1 month period you'll lose 5% of your current weight. Weight lose (nor large muscle mass) should be the goal, it should be for health reasons. We want you focusing on Strength.... Honestly all health programs need to focus on: 

1st) Changing your old bad habits safely. 

2nd) Ensuring you carry out exercise with the correct form.

3rd) Getting you eating whole food and at the right time of day.

4th) That you monitor and adapt both nutrition and exercise to improve results.

5th) Maybe most importantly that you gain a healthy mentality re body, i.e. moving away from aesthetics and weigh ins... as you need to train and eat for your long term well being, not for an image!

6th) Learning to be kind to yourself and accepting that everyday life and stresses can and will cause setbacks (as did my divorce has on me...). It is okay, just don't quit. This is a lifestyle change and not a DIEt. 

So that's me and my story regarding how and why I've started Health Mentors.... Now it is your turn to tell me your story... I'd love to hear all about you!. 

Eating a maximum of two good meals is the better way.


Gandhi said it all "Fasting is a fiery weapon it has its own science"

"huge fan of fasting been doing it for a couple of months, I chose to do the intermittent fasting and have already seen incredible results in the way I look and feel"

" intermittent fasting perspective - I am more motivated than ever!"

*Results from various intermittent fasting programs may not reflect the typical experience on our programs and may not apply to the average person.

Results are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results / feelings by using our programs.

​Q Who are the programs recommended for?

A: Any age can do the programs but we find people aged 35+ tend to gravitate towards them and benefit most. The 1 month program has to be done by everyone so you can assessed correctly

Q How does it work?

The programs have been optimised around improving your Metabolism, Enzyme & Hormones. Of course environment, genetics, stress, bio availability of food, movement are all essential in maintaining health. The programs ensure you hit a specific set of macro and micro nutrients from eating. When exercising we do so with minimal impact on time and joints. We use what is know as time under tension to build and maintain muscle as well as help you increasing bone strength.

Q The real effect of hormones?

A: Humans bodies are always influx. You're brain maintains balance in various ways including via your endocrine system. The endocrine system will send and receive signals and releases certain hormones into your system as needed. Testosterone and insulin  can cause havoc with muscle mass and weight.

Q What happens on your bootcamps?

When you come on a bootcamp then you will benefit from various expert knowledge at a much deeper level. Apart from nutrition and exercise there are things such as meditation, art and massage that may help you control and element stress... you'll breath in the fresh rural air and cycle in woodlands and swim in lakes. 

Q Why whole foods?

​​The program is NOT suitable for people who want to eat out every day, who want to cut corners or who don't have access to a kitchen.​ We understand life is for living and sometimes it's not possible to be 100% but you must be consuming predominately whole food otherwise your body will suffer as will results.


​Q: Is the program okay for me if I have injuries?

​A: If they have healed then yes. However we would always recommend getting approval from your doctor before beginning any exercise routine if you are at all unsure.

​Q: What if I've never worked out before? 

​A: Not a problem. We encourage beginners. The programs are perfect for any level because as fitness levels improve so will the intensity of your personalised program. All materials are simple, short and easy to follow..

Q: I don't like to cook? Can I still use the nutrition plans?

​A: Only if you have a chef... if you're really not prepared to cook and eat healthy then don't buy the program.

​​Q: Why you guys?

​A: Attention to detail, coupled with clear instructions to help you keep on track. Plus you'll also have access to online coaching - in short; here for you.


Q: Can I still do the 7 day or 30 day program if I don't go to a gym or don't have access to equipment?

​A: You could adapt the program with our health mentors to do exercises without equipment. However, a few pieces of equipment like a Swiss ball and a set of dumbbells would be needed. That said, we do recommend training at a fully equipped gym preferably with one of our certified experts.

Q: What if I can't find the ingredients for the recipes?

​A: We focus on simple recipes using common ingredients that most people all around the world will have access to. If we use something that you cannot find, simply substitute and use the excel calculators we will give you to maintain macro and micro targets.


Q: I'm very busy I don't have time to commit to working out?

​A: Honestly, it's not right for you. You have to put in the time.

Q: Can I cancel the 3 month and 12 month program 

A: Yes but why would you...???? If however in the first 14 days you find the program is not for you then we will refund you your monies on a pro rata basis. After 14 days you are locked in to the length of your program.... . just like a mobile/cellphone contract.