Health Mentors - FAQs

Q: What are the outcomes from being on the program?

​A: Examples (before & after pictures): Male in his late 40's lost 14kg in first 3 months. Female mid 50's, lost 8kg in first 3 months. Most importantly the loss was mainly of body fat, whilst water, muscle & bone mass all increased. 


​Q Who are the programs recommended for?

A: Any age can do the program but it was designed for people aged 40+.

Q Working with science / biology?

A: The endocrine systems plays a huge role in metabolism and fat storage. Insulin is an example. Insulin helps energy be stored in fat cells. Other hormones like Leptin and Ghrelin control hunger. This program tries to work with these hormones and not against them.

Q How does it work?

It works on specific macro and micro nutrients when eating. Humans improve strength by using time under tension techniques. Of course factors such as environment, genetics, stress, bio availability, movement will all play a part in maintaining a healthy physical / mental body so results can vary.

Q Why whole foods?

​Really you're asking that! I understand it's not possible to be 100% whole everyday but you must be consuming predominately whole foods or your body will suffer from malnourishment.

Q: Is the program okay for me if I have injuries?

​A: Before you start any program it is always recommended you get approval from your doctor (click here before you start this program).

​Q: What if I've never worked out before? 

​A: Not a problem. The program material is simplified, short and easy to follow.

Q: I don't like to cook? Can I still use the nutrition plans?

​A: Only if you have a chef do it for you... if you're really not prepared to cook and eat healthy then don't join the program.

​​Q: Why your program?

​A: Attention to detail coupled with clear instructions and access to your mentor offline and online.


Q: Can I still do the program if I don't go to a gym or don't have access to equipment?

​A: Yes you could adapt the program to do without equipment. However, a few pieces of equipment like a Swiss ball and a set of dumbbells will be needed. That said, I do recommend training at a fully equipped gym.

Q: What if I can't find the ingredients for the recipes?

​A: The programs focus on simple recipes using common ingredients that most people all around the world will have access to. If we've used something that you cannot find, simply substitute.


Q: I'm very busy I don't have time to commit to working out?

​A: Honestly, it's not right for you. You have to put in the time.

Q: Why can't I access all the articles online?

​A: Some articles are locked and only accessible to clients who have a monthly consultation package.

Q: How is the full program holistic?

​A: Although I believe our physical wellness benefits most from consuming correct nutrition and strength based exercising it is so clear that humans need to find time to incorporate a kind of spiritualty into their days too. And no I'm not talking gurus or religion here, but how best to quite the mind. To let the stresses go.


For those who have booked to have 1-1's via WhatsApp note that you will receive some tips and locked articles within the blog that will help teach you how to quite the mind. 

Q: Do you do retreats?

​A: Yes, but it's fluid. Covid-19 as we all know has made retreats / bootcamps all but impossible.  The hope currently is that in the late Spring and early Autumn of 2022 that the situation will allow a 2 week intense holistic rural retreat to be hosted, but it's not guaranteed.


Q: Can I get a refund if I cancel my booked consultations / services. 

A: There is a full refund if you cancel within the first 14 days of booking, subject to you having not accessed any of the services that you had originally paid for.

Q: About the author (original mentor)?

A: "Jason is in his 50s and trained in fitness anatomy and now works part time in a frontline NHS assessment role as well as running this website and teaching clients this wellness program.

Q: Do you work with other professionals to teach this program?

A: Definitely open to the possibility. Contact me via the link on the bio page.