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Spring boot camps are not running)


Each Spring & Autumn intensive beginner bootcamps take place in rural France where you'll learn about vital Nutrition, Fitness and Resting techniques


The 3 & 5 day beginner camps run once or twice a month in Apr, May, June, Aug, Sep, Oct and Nov. The maximum group size is 8 people. Any fitness level can attend. Costs £295 for 3 days or £435 for 5 days. 

Subject to availability, you can take advantage of free dormitory style accommodation or you can pay extra to stay at the local campsite or in local B&Bs or Hotels.

The physical part includes:

  • Get correct form and techniques

  • Grow and maintain muscle mass

  • Improve intra-muscle connectivity

  • Train for a healthy skeletal structure

  • Train Motor Neurons and Ligaments 

  • To move and train in a natural way

  • Improve agility

  • Understand the importance of getting adequate rest

The nutrition part includes:

  • Preparing, cooking & eating meals together

  • The importance of understanding and controlling micro & macro nutrient contents in each meal

  • Locally sourced / seasonal / whole foods (where possible)

  • How the body gets the bio availability it needs

  • Water only, as adequate hydration is essential

These bootcamps operate on a registration process. By registering you're not committing to attend nor are we confirming a place for you on said short break 


If available you can take advantage of free accommodation but note such accommodation normally will be void of many modern luxuries (sometimes no electricity in some rooms). That said, you do have access to electricity, hot water, showers, toilets, cooking, etc..., but be prepared it will be minimal. 


Here's how the registration process works:

  1. Choose a retreat date: Click Here

  2. We'll contact you, normally within 72 hours to discuss and arrange attendance.

All information provide on the website or via our online tutorials is given purely for information purposes only.

You agree that you must always consult a medical doctor before using any information or programs shared.

You also agree to our website terms and to our privacy policy which can be found here

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