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+ Our guarantee of a bootcamp place can (at our discretion only) be swapped for a full refund of your program costs. 

Each Spring & Autumn I run intensive boot camps in rural France, Here you'll learn more about vital Nutrition, Fitness and Resting techniques of the Health Mentor Program. 


The 5 day bootcamp happens twice a month in each of the following months: Apr, May, June, Sep, Oct.


Anyone can attend and the costs is £375 for 5 days of learning and mentoring. You can also take advantage (if you wish) of the dormitory style accommodation on site.


The maximum group size is 10 per bootcamp.

The physical part of bootcamps will help you:

  • Learn correct form and techniques

  • Training for a healthy skeletal structure

  • Train Motor Neurons and Ligaments

  • Improve intra-muscle connectivity 

  • Moving in a natural way

  • Getting adequate rest

The nutrition part of bootcamps may include:

  • Preparing, cooking & eating meals together

  • Control hunger through fasting techniques

  • Understanding nutrients and absorption

  • Working towards a healthy microbiome

  • Sourcing local organic whole foods 

  • The importance of water 

Retreats operate on a registration process. By registering you're not committing to attend nor are we confirming a place for you on said retreat. Here's how the registration process works:

1. Choose bootcamp (Click Here). 2, Fill in enquiry form. 3, We'll then contact you to discuss and confirm