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+ Our guarantee of a bootcamp place can (at our discretion only) be swapped for a full refund of your program costs. 

  • 120+ page detailed exercise & nutrition ebook

  • Multiple videos on exercise and cooking

  • 28 days worth of dinner recipes

  • A nutrition TDEE calculator

  • 4 weekly shopping lists

Autumn Price: £70 (normally £95) with a bonus 4 x 10 minutes of coaching!

The Double Guarantee

You've 14 days to claim a no question asked full refund! Plus if on completing the 1 month program, you've not achieved a 5% weight loss (*4kg of 80kg) then attend our 5 day bootcamp for 1/2 price!

Lose *4kg in 1 month

Try the 48 page FREE 7 day program (fill in form)  

The initial 1 month program is a very effective WEIGHT LOSS AND STRENGTH BASED program.


Weight loss by itself should not be a main goal. It's increasingly clear that nutrition and strength training should be the priority in peoples lives, especially for those entering midlife. It is know that inadequate nutrition & exercise is detrimental to health. Diseases like dementia, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, migraines, and even mental health may all be helped by obtaining proper nutrition & exercise. 

This online course means you can train yourself in a gym while talking weekly with a mentor online. 

Or I can train you 1-1 if you live close to Brighton. If you don't I can recommend a personal trainer to you.

A 1-1 Private in person 25 minute sessions costs, £35. 


 All clients start on 1 Month Program.. Don't forget there is a double guarantee (see above) however if you're a little uncertain about if this program is right for you then start with the 7 day FREE program.